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Most powerful flashlight in the market

Flashlights are simple devices at a glance. Most people do not do their research when buying a flashlight. After all, what can a flashlight do, right?! But there are so many things you have to consider before purchasing a flashlight as you are planning to use it during power outages, camp trips, and hunting. The super-powered Flashex flashlight is one flashlight you should not miss on buying if you ever intend on purchasing one. Features that come in this flashlight are not ordinary. In fact, you will be amazed at how powerful the flashlight is. You can use it for many things, apart from using it to give light.

Customer ReviewsCustomer Reviews

Such a great flashlight we own 8 of them between the garage, boat and house! Bright and great beam. Can chew through cheap batteries with daily use for work so bought some lithium ones and life is great. These flashlights were so impressive I ordered the rechargeable headlights and am impressed. Better than name brand and price can’t be beat. Durable flashlights and great size. You need these.

Ruby Smith

I bought these to replace older flashlights that had corroded from leaving the batteries in them for too long. I was hoping to find something of similar size and features, and thought I’d give these a try. What a great choice, the light is bright, the beam focus can be easily changed with one hand, and the size is just right, not too big or too small. I like them so well I’m going to buy more.

Maya Anderson

Perfect for the petite woman or large man. Very comfortable to handle, fits in the smallest of pockets, super bright, durable casing, waterproof, uses standard AAA batteries, great broad and zoom functionality.
Gave one to my mom (82yrs old and 5’1) and kept the other for myself (6’2)


I got these as a stocking stuffer for Christmas and was surprised at the brightness and adjustability of the light itself. Seem to be durable as well. I cant really speak of the battery life yet but so far it hasn’t seemed to dim any that I can tell. Great product.

Peter Scuitto

I am delighted with these two small flashlights! They are very bright, easily adjusted for narrow or wide light, and have a good heft to them. Perfect for bedside or desk or purse. Excellent purchase for the price!


Got this to help my gf’s anxiety of walking the dog at night. This little flashlight packs a powerful punch and can help you keep an eye out of a wide range area at night.

This flashlight takes 3 AAA batteries. I highly recommend rechargeable ones especially if you use it often like us to walk our dog at night. You can pull the light head forward and it will cover a far area in a square radius. If you pull the flashlight in it will cover a circle area as you will see the first pic.

Quality of the flashlight is great, I’ve dropped it multiple times already and the material is very strong. Great for the price and you get TWO! Highly recommend this for night walks, camping, fishing, etc..

Gee Cerv

Highest lumen flashlight

Flashex has one of the highest lumen flashlights in the market. Flashex Flashlight 90000 lumens is one of their most potent products. It uses the latest generation Flashex LED chip with a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours. The flashlight generates an ultra-high output that reaches up to 90000 lumens and has an upgraded version.

USB rechargeable

It is one of the most convenient elements of all. Since it has an in-built micro input port, you can keep it in the car. Therefore, you can charge the tactical flashlight quite quickly. Having a USB rechargeable flashlight makes your life so much easier, especially when it comes to hunting and camp trips. You can also charge the tactical flashlight and keep to use during power outages.


No one wants to invest money in something that does not last a good amount of time. Flashex flashlight is not only durable, but it is also waterproof. You can conveniently use it in extreme weather. The size and weight make it convenient to use without causing any damage. The outer surface is of military-grade anodized aluminum. The exterior body of the flashlight is shock-resistant and is ideal for rough handling.

Flashex flashlight power

This flashlight utilizes lithium technology and runs a long time. You can tailor the strength of the light according to your requirement because it has a 3-power selection mode. You can recharge the flashlight without removing the battery. The flashlight comes with a new lock-out mode that prevents accidental usage.


Things you can do with Flashex flashlight

Who knew Flashex flashlight is more than a light?! Apart from using it during power outages and camp trips, you can also use it for hunting. It is the best hunting flashlight you can have. With that in hand, you have nothing to worry about walking in the wilderness in the dark as it lightens your whole path. If you want to hunt more discretely, you can use low power to have a lower light.

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There are plenty of flashlights in the market. Most of which only fulfill the need for lighting during the dark. But the specialty in Flashex flashlight is the exciting features that make it more than just a flashlight. With more than 90000 lumens, it promises to give an extremely bright output.

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Most powerful flashlight in the market